TAIKO HOLDINGS was established to manage the group companies in order to grow business
and raise the corporate value of each company.
When we established this new corporate structure, we created our mission statement
“Make a better flow” and shared it with all group companies.

Mission Statement / Make a better flow

Like the waters flow in a mighty river,
bountiful, moving freely and elegantly,
we also strive in our business
to make a better flow.
TAIKO HOLDINGS together with our business group
create genuine value in each division
and ensure sustainable growth.
We are committed to pleasing not just
our customers, but local communities, industries and
all stakeholders including our employees.

Three Key Points for the Future / Innovation×Speed×Globalization

Three Key Points for the Future / Innovation×Speed×Globalization

“Three key points for the future”

The “Three key points for the future” focus on “Innovation, speed and globalization,” to help the TAIKO Group achieve our mission and achieve sustainable growth.
The needs of our customers have quickly become more sophisticated and complex. In addition, the environment that they find themselves in is also undergoing a major transformation. We at the TAIKO Group are adapting to these changes and shall stay one step ahead to meet the expectations of our customers.