As the holding company, TAIKO HOLDINGS brings the partnership of the four group companies together
to create a synergy and manages the operations to foster more growth and lift our corporate value.

Leveraging the synergy effect among the group companies
to facilitate strong growth

TAIKO HOLDINGS was established in 2016, marking the 60th anniversary since the founding of TAIKO KIKAI in 1956. As a developer and manufacturer of fluid transfer equipment, TAIKO KIKAI has created a myriad of products and has extended its footprint into three businesses: marine, industrial and electromagnetic divisions as well as building a reputation of reliability with its customers and each industry. To mark this 60 year legacy, TAIKO HOLDINGS was formed to steer the company forward and usher in another major growth period in the future.

The complexity and diversity in society increases day by day. And in order to create more corporate value and continue to contribute to society, TAIKO HOLDINGS will partner together with external companies and organizations, bring more members into the group when necessary, delve into new business fields and adopt new initiatives. Since being founded in 2016, TAIKO HOLDINGS has embraced this approach and enacted a number of policies and measures.

As TAIKO KIAKI pours resources into developing green products to keep up with the times, MarFlex Holding B.V. (Netherlands) and CHUGOKU ELECTRIC SERVICE (Yamaguchi Prefecture) both joined the group in 2018, a long-standing partner and manufacturer of deep-well pumps and a specialized manufacturer of marine distribution boards, respectively. In 2021, SANYO ENGINEERING (Okayama Prefecture) came aboard as an expert in industrial equipment design as well as in shipbuilding, piping and outfitting design. The four business companies are currently linked via the holding company TAIKO HOLDINGS, and the TAIKO Group wields the synergy of these group companies to ensure sustainable growth while continuing to make contributions to society.


Chief Executive Koichi Kimura (President)
Establishment July, 2016
Head Office 209-1 Shimotabuse, Tabuse-cho, Kumage-gun, Yamaguchi
TEL. +81-820-52-3111
Company Objectives Management approach that builds corporate value by enabling each Taiko Group company to develop different businesses and by encouraging collaboration
Capital $1,000,000 (¥100,000,000)